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What to Consider in Choosing an Attorney:


We view the attorney-client relationship as a team.  We ensure our clients participate in their representation.  We encourage clients to be candid with us so we can provide them with the best advice and representation.  We feel that the attorney-client relationship is defined by trust, and that honesty between clients and their attorneys is the most important component of that relationship.  


The clients' "job" is to define the results that they want from their legal representation; the lawyer's job is to identify the best strategy to obtain those results.


Before entering into an attorney-client relationship, we ensure our clients understand the scope of that relationship and what their responsibilities are, including the cost.  Most attorney-client relationships are clarified in retainer agreements or letters of engagement (contracts).  

Unfortunately, no specific outcomes can be guaranteed in a case, but attorneys can help their clients understand their options and pursue the course of action which makes the most sense financially, legally, and emotionally. 

If you are considering legal action, or you are unsure about whether you need legal representation, you may wish to have a consultation with an attorney.  Consultations generally last between fifteen minutes to an hour.  There is often a fee associated with a legal consultation.  Consultations do not guarantee an attorney or her firm will handle your case.

The New York State Uniform Court System provides excellent resources for litigants to refer to when choosing an attorney, which can be found here.